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The Elementary and Middle school follow the same line as the Montessori preschool, in that we are inspired by Maria Montessori’s basic concepts of: respect for the child, self-education, recognizing individual sensitive learning periods and a structured environment.


The curriculum we apply is based on the OakMeadow School program, and the school is affiliated to the Oak Meadow network : we use their curricula and the support from their teachers.

We aim to teach following a creative flexible approach, with an emphasis on peace, justice, diversity and sustainability. We recognize students as individuals with unique needs, interests, and learning styles. We adapt our curriculum to our students, rather than forcing students to adapt to the curriculum. We empower our students to pursue their future goals in a way that enables them to prepare for college while building on their strengths and talents and staying true to who they are. We nurture and protect the passion and enthusiasm for creating a better world inherent in so many young people. We help our students lead authentic and meaningful lives, so they can leave school feeling confident in their ability to make an impact on the world around them.

In order to support our students’ in their mathematical education we incorporate elements of the Singapore Maths program into our curriculum. Singapore Maths is based more on the actual mathematical concepts, so that children can understand numbers in their practical applications.

French speakers special program

Considering the quantity of French speaking students in the area, we open a special class for them. Their baseis still taught in French: French grammar, verbs, … so are the Maths. The rest of the topics and the day are shared with the main classroom and is taught in English.


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