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Our preschool hosts students aged 2 to 5 years, and our classroom and teachings are based on the Montessori teaching method.

Beyond the strict use of Montessori materials (although we do use some of them) our Montessori approach stems from the basic principles set forth by Maria Montessori’s philosophy:

  • Respect for the child
  • Speaking to them at their level, and modeling the behavior we expect from them the ‘absorbent mind’ or self-education: in other words, the belief that children educate themselves, and only need from us that we provide the correct stimuli and opportunities
  • Sensitive periods: the concept that children are more sensitive and receptive to learning certain things at certain times, and that for every child those times may vary. Therefore it is important for teachers to observe each individual and support each child’s process.
  • The prepared environment: providing an orderly structured classroom, whithin which the children can move and explore with freedom.


Children will be given a work plan and will need to complete an array of educational activities just like in a more traditional classroom. The main difference being that the activities will be at each child’s « maximum plane of development », will be presented and practiced in a way that the child understands, and the child will have the freedom to choose which he/she does first. The most comprehensive longitude research on Montessori Education in comparison to traditional education was published last year by a psychology professor at the University of Virginia, Dr. Angeline Lillard.. Her recent article was so well researched and documented, that it is the only educational article ever to be published in a scientific magazine. For more information check out Angeline Lillard Ph.D’s book on Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius

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