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Tina Plassart

Founder and Director

Tina Plassart M.S. Environmental Law. Universite de Nantes, France Inspired by the beauty of the Azuero Peninsula and its people, her passion for education in combination with an unerring commitment to creating a sustainable world for future generations, led to the creation of the Azuero International School.


Emma Jay Ashton

1st grade and pre-school teacher

Music and Kindergarden teacher experience in Portugal and the UK

Karyne Gamelin

3rd-4th Grade teacher

Over 10 years experience as an Elementary teacher, ESL teacher, wide knowledge of multicultural and nultilingual classroom


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Laida Chavez

Retired Teacher from Local School, Local/cultural Integration

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Antonio Garcia

Attorney, Development Advisor

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Antonio Garcia

Parents representative

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Kyley Sjogren

B.S. Education, Curriculum

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Mandy Faircloth

B.S. Finance, Programming, Fund-raising

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Carolina Saavedra

Accountant, Financial advisor

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